Santa & Christmas Carol Visited w/ALL the Good Little Girls & Boys Tuesday!

It's true, children of all ages sat on Santa's & Mrs Claus laps on Tuesday. Dreading the Mall lines? They'll be BACK! Wed, Dec 21 from 6-9 or until everyone who wants to sit has sat! Reservations NOT required, but suggested!

Holiday Edition of Symposia. A Series!

It's all arrived: the pomegranates, the quince (weren't even available last week) the "mystery" vegetable, the racks, rosemary, marjoram, chestnuts, Balsamic...we're stirring up pots and pots of new food and it's electric in the kitchen. Yes, we are singing! We've shopped and shopped and paired and written up new recipes! What are we using for tonight's meal?

Symposia. A Series, XII Wed, Nov 30, A Holiday Table & Poetic Buffet!

Think that you're done eating?! The table has been set! Symposia. A Series, XII, this Wednesday, Nov 30 at 6pm! Guest Presenter Susan Thurston, poet, cook, educator, has challenged Anna to create a dish inspired by her favorite poem, "I Would Like to Describe," which will be revealed table side (see the hint). Challenging her own Muse, Susan has promised to create a personal poem (we're calling it Stoihi tyhis--personal lines of fortune) inspired by Anna's "reading" of each guests' coffee grounds! Limit 30. RSVP required. $30/pp.

Symposia. A Series, XI. A Food Tour of Northern Greece: Wed, Oct 26 with ZORAN!

Tomorrow! The Food Tour of Northern Greece is designed as a nod to the kindred cuisine of our northern neighbors, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey. As in all Symposia. A Series, the expanded menu allows guests of all dietary persuasion to partake in extended, leisurely dining. So, for instance, while tomorrow evening's feature is roast pig, pickled cabbage Sarmades with 100% grass fed beef, will be served as well.

Look What Santa's Eating at the Gardens!

Santa and Christmas Carol stopped by the Gardens Saturday night to confirm their 5th year of Santa visits to the Gardens. What did they order for dinner? Greek Salads, Shrimp Saganaki, Pipperies and Turkey Gyros--apparently eating healthily in preparation for the Holiday Season. They took home the fresh poached figs for a late night snack. When will Santa & Christmas Carol be visiting the Gardens this year? Tues, Dec 6 and Wed, Dec 21 from 6-9 or until all the good children, young and old, have had a chance to sit on Santa's lap!
Reservations NOT required, but highly recommended!

Third Ward NeighborhoodFEST!

The fourth such Fest celebrating the Minneapolis River Front on Nicollet Island was the biggest success of all! Free food, music, parking and networking for all!
The Gardens was there, as from the first, Anna and Rena handed out platters and platters of locally produced (Ames Farm, Garden Farme) seasonal dishes: Milopita (Cortland Apples & Craisins in Fillo) and Kolokithopita (Savory Red Hopi Squash in Fillo) as well as our 20 year old standard, Skordalia on Pita Crisps with a garnish of chopped Calamata olives. Don't miss next years!

The "Healthy Food Summit" sponsored by the "Healthy Food, Healthy Lives"

The two day seminar, Monday at the U of M, Tuesday at the Landscape Arboretum was a flush success. Sponsored by the Healthy Food, Healthy Lives Institute and the Landscape Arboretum, the problem of making local, sustainable, and all-natural food available to all sectors of society was the focus of lectures, panel discussions, power point presentations and small group discussions. Food Corps! The nascent gov sponsored effort with the same end, was the take-away, embraceable commitment.

It's a GIRL! A Sprinkling for Laura in a Beautiful Venue!

Close friends and family members celebrated the anticipated arrival of Ellie Caliope on Saturday. Only the scattered rose petals remained on the table.