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November's 1/3 Off Wine by the Bottle & Selected Wine Flight! All day. Every day!

Third off bottles as stock permits! A crisp and minerals white, a fruity, medium bodied rose, a light red with meadow florals, and a dry full bodied red with woodland fruit. Pick yours today!

Wine flight: dry, un-oaked chardonnay, fruity rose and pinot noir style Dafnios red!

You Haven't Tasted This Before!

Inspired from our latest trip to Greece--the humble, stubborn has played a historical role in the struggle of Crete--purchased from Michaelis' farm, we married braised pork shoulder with white wine, harpoupomelo and carob tea for a savory summery sauce. Try it! Let us know! We loved ours with Dafnes Red (tasted AT the winery in Crete) as well as Surly's Bender!

Even Your Water Tastes Better @ GoS!

Ever wondered why we put lemon in the water? We've been doing it for over 25 years now--because lemon neutralizes chlorine added by the city to make it safe to drink; because it alkalizes the water to counter all the acid we put in our bodies--most meat proteins, starch and sugar; because it TASTES good! A squirt of lemon in your glass does all these things! Thank you for letting us care for you this past quarter century!

Zoe! Back and More Beautiful Than Ever!

Full bodied, fruit forward with dry finish. Effervescent on the tongue.
Enjoy this one with Pitsa Soutzoukakia, Leek Lemon Garlic Boughatsa, Pastitsio, Mousaka, Lemon Cream Boughatsa

New Vintage & Label for Amethystos White!

New label, new vintage, new taste! Sauvignon Blanc and Assyrtiko blended to bring a burst of sunny minerality to your palate! Enjoy with Dolmades, Spinach Feta Boughatsa, Pitsa, Skordalia!


SouthEast Food Network all-natural rooster and hen, dry-rubbed with in-house spices, vertically stacked and roasted, sliced to order and served on an open pita with a pile of Greek fries and a side of Tzatziki. Rooster splendor!


Book a PRiVATe Tasting! The BEST way to HUMP your week! Casual wine tasting and pairing exploring varietals of the world's oldest viniculture! Apps included. Min 6, Max 20. Stay for dinner and receive 25% off ANY bottle of wine!

Our Most Anticipated Entree: All-Natural, In-House, Lamb Gyro

As unbelievable as it sounds, all-natural lamb shoulder, dry-rubbed, stacked on the vertical rotisserie, sliced to order and served with a pile of those great GREEK fries and Tzatziki. Unbeatable in the Twin Cities.

Talk of the Town Award

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Congratulations are in order!
Gardens of Salonica New Greek Caf? & Deli has been rated among the best in the region
and has received the 2013 Talk of the Town Customer Satisfaction Award

Award Recipient: Gardens of Salonica New Greek Caf? & Deli

Star Rating: 5

City: Minneapolis State: MN

Category: Restaurants

Presented by: Celebration Media and Talk of the Town News