After TWENTY Years, We've Hung Our Shingle!!

Just wait until you see it lit up!

The Tyranny of Tyro!

Over 20 years of working in the kitchen at Gardens, only one preparation defies my mastery and that is Tyro. An emulsion of feta with nearly double its volume of oils and peppers that is whirred in a commercial high-capacity food processor for nearly an hour, the "finishedness" of Tyro is understood as much by an audible drop in decibels as by its visual texture which runs the gamut of a thickly running latex to a fluffy mousse.

Gardens' BIG Bottles!

Why do we offer BIG bottles--otherwise known as Bomber Bottles? Because that's HOW they sell in Greece! On a hot day at the beach with a bag of chips...when you don't want to miss a moment of serene sea viewing, this portion of beer becomes a meal. From the Belgium Brewing Co we offer the ever popular Fat Tire and Ranger, a particularly hoppy beer as well as Crispin, squeezed from the Honey Crisp apple developed here at the the U of M Ag School! All three please with the Gyros!

Party Trays and Family-Style Catering

The Gardens is proud to offer the very best ingredients--organic, local, pastured, and wild-caught--as available. We use 100% organic sugar and milk, Schultz free-range eggs, Hope Butter, Zweber Farms pastured beef and chicken, Hill & Vale Lamb, Southeast Food Network pork. Most of our greens are purchased at local Farmers' Markets or delivered to our door by local independent growers. Our honey is supplied by Ames Farms, a local, independent producer.

Boughatsas: Savory & Sweet Family-Style Pastries Cut to Accomodate Your Guests!

Last Call of the Season! Fresh Mission Figs Poached in Greek Port Wine!


Fresh figs are coming to the end of their season! We poach them lightly with Wisconsin craisins in

KolokithoAnthous! Stuffed Squash Blossoms!

Yum!!! We stuff ours with seasoned jasmine rice and feta then oven braise in white wine, freshly squeezed lemon juice and EVO oil! Summer's on your palate!


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Schultz organic turkey thighs and breast, dry rubbed, vertically stacked and slow-roasted, sliced to order on an open pita with a pile of Greek fries and a side of Tzatziki! Turkey Transcendent.