First & Last Before We Leave

Anna's June Tour met for the first time as the complete group one last time before leaving for !5 days in Greece. We agreed to keep our HomePage updated during our trip so everyone can vicariously enjoy our progress.

St Anthony Falls Lab Annual Electrical Engineers' Picnic

The threat of rain drove the picnic inside the rambling, generous space of the St Anthony Falls Lab, but the 300 guests were treated to some heart and soul warming food and drink as they strolled along gangplanks and up and down industrial stairways.

Symposia. A Series VIII! Wed, May 25 with Guest Presenter, Brett Olson

Brett Olson is a co-founder and Creative Director for Renewing the Countryside, President of Green Routes, and hosts Local Food Hero radio. Brett began working in a boutique design studio in Minneapolis in 1989. Soon after he entered a business partnership based in desktop computer programming, marketing and design. And by 1990 he had opened his own marketing, advertising and brand development studio. Creating communications and branding strategies for companies from “mom-and-pop” neighborhood businesses to packaging and other printed collateral for well-known national brands.

Eggplant is BACK!!!Just a bit More Than Double the Price & We're Cranking Out Mousakas and Melitzana

Yes, Spring is in the least in Mexico...

ΖΗΤΟ Η ΕΛΛΑΣ!!! Long Live our Stumbling Patrida!!! Greek Independence Day, March 35, 1821

Celebrate with us! Tonight, March 25 from 6 until 9 or so until the 'Kefi" runs its course! The Greek Dancers of Minnesota will join us again to regal us with four suites of dances in authentic and antique costumes from the regions which inspired them. Your dining experience will be enhanced by the foods of those same regions: The Aegean Islands, Thessaly/Epiros, Thraki/Macedonia, Crete. The wine will flow! Limited seating 50. $30/pp. up to 18 walk-ins allowed. Want to learn to dance? We will show you and you'll be all set for your next Big Fat Greek Wedding!

Symposia. A Series VII, Wed, April 27 at 6pm

In the Spring the spirit waxes and POETRY blossoms! Poetry is our theme for the seventh Symposia. A Series and our guest presenter will be Mary Jo Thompson, a career public grade school teacher who, for over two decades has allowed her other passion to blossom. Her poems have been published, or will be, in multiple journals such as: the Beloit Poetry, Journal, Indiana Review, Carolina Quarterly, Great River Review, Minnesota Poetry Calendar, Poetry Motel, North Coast Review, Sow’s Ear Poetry Review and Minnesota Monthly.

Symposia. A Series VI. Gala Celebrate Greek Independence with a Gala Fundraiser for Daily Planet

A wonderful, full event. The Gardens of Salonica would like to thank the Greek Dancers of Minnesota, Niki Stavrou, Singer, of Victor's 1959 Cafe, and iDream TV for their generous contributions that made this an exceptionally wonderful event.

Kathleen Celebrates on Sunday!

Do wop was playing and we all wore name tags and we had to write what decade in which we became friends! One guest was from the 40's. Imagine! And forty four friends of Kathleen gathered for a leisurely Sunday get-to-gether with apps starting at 4 and dinner buffet served at 6. Lots of good conversation among all the "ages" of friends and then Connie, who has been cutting Kathleen's hair for just over half of Kathleen's life, brought out the "Birthday Surprise." Na ta ekatostiseis, Ekaterina! (May you live to be a 100!)

We Took Creative License!

When Larry and Karen decided to celebrate his 50th Birthday at the Gardens--the "neighborhood go-to" when they were newly weds, we didn't know what we were in for! In any case over a dozen musicians showed up with a LOT of gear and the place jammed and Larry, more than any one else. While guests were treated to huge trays of Boughatsas, Gyros meat and saganaki, Larry and his band played all-out for their enjoyment.

As Touted in "100 Local Tastes" of City Pages' Restaurant Edition: "The Gardens Mousakas...a Winter Warm-up"

In over twenty years of business we have never had to consider removing Mousakas and it popular, over-achiever off-shoot, Veggie Mousakas, from the menu. After last months killer freeze in Mexico, however, the landscape was forever changed. Eggplant cannot be found for even less than double the standard price and if so, not in good condition. So when we found the four remaining cases at the Co-op Partners Warehouse we were in a quandary: should we prepare the two most popular dishes, Melitzana and Mousakas, until the eggplant ran out or should we eliminate one in preference for the other?