Soupies Krasates, Soupies me Spanaki!

What is this latest "animal" appearing more often on our "Additional Entrees" list? Soupia: cuttlefish, an "inking" cephalopod in the mollusk family and closely related to both the octopus and the squid, is an excellent source of a high quality, renewalble protein with a flavor similar to scallops and a texture like octopus without its suction cups--yep, that's what they're called.

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Family Style Boughatsa for You Spring Celebrations!

It got our business going, Lemon Cream Boughatsa, and now, we have reshaped it for your family celebrations--organic milk, sugar, eggs, cream, butter & lemon peel thickened with semolina and folded into delicate, crisp layers of fillo. Frozen for "day of baking," YOUR celebration! Specially priced for this months family celebrations! $15! We will reserve one for you convenience.

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Fifth Annual Film Sponsor for International Film Festival!

By the director of "Dog Tooth," the Oscar nominated film, Yiorgos Lanthimos' most recent effort, "Alps" 2011 is the Gardens' sponsor pick for this year's International Film Festival.
Two showings, Friday, April 13 at 9:30 and Thursday, April 19 at 9:20. The Gardens will sponsor a pre-Movie dinner specially priced at $20/pp. Please reserve as spaces are limited to 35.

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Even though the slush was piled at the door, our Leap Year Symposia. A Series, XIV was a night to be remembered: great food, company, wine & art---the components of a great event! With Jim Denomie's provocative, stylized canvases showing overhead, platters of scallops, mushrooms, beetroot soup, rabbit, turkey and hand-rolled black walnut baklava were passed below. Don't miss the next one, March 26 with Steve the international baker!

Symposia. A Series, XIV! Tonight for LEAP Year!

The snow has barely stopped and slush piles are making life difficult for pedestrians in NordEast, but we're stirring up pots and pans of new dishes for tonight's Symposia. A Series. Already the hand-rolled black walnut baklava is cooling on the racks and the Rabbit Stifado is thickening in the brasier; golden beets and fennel root are simmering in sherry that will become the base of the second course soup. The guest list is increasing and today we have had more fun than stress in a long time. I guess we're growing into this whole concept!

Two Specials for Valentines Day!

For our 21st Valentines' Day we brought back the pan-seared, duck breast, braised in white wine, pomegranate & rosemary and the fresh Atlantic Salmon and Alaskan Halibut fire roasted with green & black olives, capers & caper tips from the island of Santorini! Served on a bed of cumin-scented, sautéed rice, we paired the duck with Amethystos Rose and the fish combo with Kleoni rose.

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