Your Heart Eatery! Thursday! Friday! Saturday!

No Prix Fixe! Your Menu. YOUR Additional Entree FAVES! Pump your pulse with our Special Add-ons! Your choice of any of our three Saganaki Appetizer: Shrimp, Mushroom, Artichoke and one of our Dessert for Two: Baklava w/Ouzo Ice Cream, Galaktobureko, Quince on a Cloud or Strawberry Heart Millefai! $12! Thursday, Friday and Saturday! Half-off our best wines: Agionimo & Gavalas! And we treat the Gioconda pair!


We wish you all the GOOD that the Holidays Bring!


It's Apple time! and just in time for the Holidays, to make ahead and freeze or to make and share, MILOPITA, Apples Baked in a Fillo Pastry, makes for a new tradition!.

A ½ sheet pan or torte form, 2” pastry brush

You will need:

5-8 apples peeled, cored, chopped into big chunks: about 2-21/2lbs; Haralson, Granny Smith, Honey Crisp—dense, crisp, tart combinations.

1 medium quince peeled and grated or finely chopped
½ c. dried blueberries or craisins

½ c. organic sugar

1 tsp cinnamon

½ tsp nutmeg

¼ tsp ground ginger

juice of half lemon (2 tbsp)


As Promised at Anna's Hortopita Demo @ the EcoExperience Building Thursday!

Ebenezer Residents Visit the Gardens Friday!

!8 residents happily munched on Gyros and Boughatsas Friday!

Sharing Their Pita & Crayons!

It seems like only yesterday when Scott & Melissa were married at the Nature Reserve & Christofer headed the staff that catered their reception. But today they returned to the Gardens with their two children and were greeted by Christofer's son, Baby Lazaros who shared his crayons while the three tots nibbled on pita.

Traditional Forms of Baklava! Saragli & Coiled Saragli

Saragli, a rolled form of Baklava makes wonderful "small bites" or coiled, a toothsome means of unwinding an evening with conversation and conviviality. Offered as an additional dessert, the Gardens has been filling more and more special orders for take out and catering.

Ouzo Flo! Too Good to be Bad! Three Years OLD!

World premier, the Gardens' Ouzo Flo! Share a bottle with two scoops of Anna's Organic Ouzo Ice Cream in a frosted glass or treat yourself to the light, not-too-sweet flavor of licorice soda and a single scoop of ice cream that quenches any thirst! Never cloying!

Another Pairing for Anna's Organic Ouzo Ice Cream! Baklava for Two!

As seen on Kare 11 last Monday and shared with over 500 guests at the Toast & Taste of the Arboretum last Thursday, Sarangli is a coiled form of Baklava that brings out the roastiness of the nuts before our Ames honey syrup is poured over it. Topped with Ouzo scented ice cream and shared makes dreams come true!

Catering for Milkweed Publishing House @ Jim & John's!

Jim & John have been eating at the Gardens for almost as long as it's been open. Last Friday we brought the food to them! Thanks!