Our Latest Gluten-Free Effort! Our Grilled Meats Served Wrapped in Romaine!

A simple solution to the increasing incidence of gluten-free diets that our customers are requesting!

Handmade Gioconda Truffles Beautifully Packaged and Ready-to-GO!

Give the treat of your heart to your heart this Valentine Weekend! And along with that slip in a few truffles to be shared with a cognac, a chewy red, or an extra black brew! Take a moment and breath the dusky aromatherapy of a tastily crafted chocolate. Ready for you gift priced at $6 for four!

Kleftiko: Lamb Baked in Parchment with Vegetables & Feta

We couldn't resist sharing this: Kleftiko ready to be tied up in parchment. The all-natural lamb shoulder has been seared, semi-braised in wine, and here awaits its en papillote finish...find the accompanying vegetables: eggplant, okra, fava bean, sun choke, red bell, feta, thyme, marjoram, rosemary...it's all there. And with the magic of cooking, the sum total exceeds its parts!

Smooch! Symposia. A Series, XIII this past Wed! We Jumpstarted VDay!

We Smooched! The past Wednesday was a night of love and loving.....great food, wonderful wine, and over-the-top company! Thank you, Bonnie Fournier, of the Smooch Project for bringing this awareness to us!
For support and following for this wonderful effort:THE SMOOCH! PROJECT Bonnie Fournier, Project Photographer
It's about Love. It's about Community. It's about Healing.
www.thesmoochproject.com // Studio/Voicemail: 612-280-1939 CST

Our Mission: To support the cultivation of Peace, Kindness, Generosity,
Compassion, Forgiveness and Joy within human hearts throughout the world.

Anna's Tours: May & Sept 2014!

Travel Greece the way it should be traveled: the best food and wine, sites, seashore. Please email your intention to attend the meeting to entree@gardensofsalonica.com!

Symposia. A Series, XIII! Wed, Jan 25, 6-9!

With Guest Presenter, Bonnie Fournier, Girl Photographer of the Smooch Project: the effort to gather 10,000 images from around the world to support the cultivation of Peace, Kindness, Generosity, Compassion, Forgiveness and Joy within Human Hearts throughout the world. Fournier will start off the pre-Valentine Season describing her challenges & successes, favorite anecdotes and images of the project thus far. Anna will cook up a four-course, wine-paired, family-style dinner of new recipes and our guests will experience civilized and inspired dining as it was meant to be!

John & Sara Share their Birthdays For Fifth Time @ Gardens!

It was a golden celebration in more than one sense: with sun pouring in the front windows, John & Sara joined by Calder continued their five year tradition of celebrating their same day birthdays. What did they eat?

We're TWENTY-ONE & Celebrating! Join us!

For all of January, our 21is Anniversary month, order a bottle of extra dry Korbel at $21 per bottle!

Parties POP with Boughatsa Apps!

Forget Cosco, Sams Club and all those big box stores! For your New Year Celebrations get Boughatsa from the source! Gardens of Salonica, Home of Boughatsa Inc! Bake them off in a cold oven on an ungreased pan. In 30 minutes you will have golden puffs stuffed with Spinach Feta, Roasted Peppers, Feta & Calamata Olives and Mushrooms & Kefalotyri cheese. Regularly $24, for 6 of each variety, now just $18. Happy Seasonings from us to you!