24 Years of SweetHeart Meals! Fri & Sat, Feb 13 & 14!

You've asked for it! The return of the Classics @ Gardens for your SweetHeart Dining!
Pastitsio, Roasted Leg of Lamb with Oven Roasted Lemon Potatoes and Dolmades in Lemon Sauce preceded by YOUR choice of soup, salad, saganaki or Combo app plate. Vegetarian platter also available: Veggie Mousaka, Dolmades and Yigandes. Select bottles of wine specially priced 75% list price!


SouthEast Food Network all-natural rooster and hen, dry-rubbed with in-house spices, vertically stacked and roasted, sliced to order and served on an open pita with a pile of Greek fries and a side of Tzatziki. Rooster splendor!


Book a PRiVATe Tasting! The BEST way to HUMP your week! Casual wine tasting and pairing exploring varietals of the world's oldest viniculture! Apps included. Min 6, Max 20. Stay for dinner and receive 25% off ANY bottle of wine!

DEBUT EVENT: Taste of Eight!

Premier event this Wednesday, Oct 29 presented by Basil Janavaras of Janavaras Imports, LLC!
Start your evening with 8 tastes & apps family-style and then extend your evening at your own table with 25% off any bottle of wine. $10pp. Limit 20!

rePIN your Summer!Tour Info Meeting for Sept 2-19, 2015!

Anna & Friends NorthEast Food & Wine Tour Info Meeting
Sat @ 4:30pm: June 13.
Please rsvp, complementary apps & begs served!
No obligation.

Greek Wine Intimidate You?!

Greek wines intimidate you? Get a grip with Easy Wine Flights! Every day a select flight of three 3oz pours for $8. Make up your own flight for $10: add a premium wine (>$42/btl) to your flight: $12!

Our current wine flight? We call it, The Rosie Red: Kleoni dry rose', Tetramythos organic grapes Black of Kalavryta, Boutari Elios full bodied crafted for the U.S.

KokkoraKota Gyros: Rooster & Hen All-Natural Gyros


we are crowing about this: a tasty coupling of all-natural Southeast Food Network rooster and Schultz organic chicken rubbed with Garden's spices, stacked on a vertical skewer and sliced per order, piled on an open-faced, grilled pita, tzatziki and a pile of Greek fries. A Surly's Bender, a spicy Nemea, medium bodied red, or a refreshing Apellia Rose pique the mouthfeel for your cock-a-doodle-doo!

Yipee, ZAGAT!

The 2014 findings for the 32 year old restaurant pollster, Zagat, are in and the Gardens jumped improved in all categories! Thank you!

Oenodea Rouge, Lazaridi

European newest "econoline" blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Agiorgitiko & Syrah that took the Gold Mundus Vini of the Great International Weinpreis at a GREAT price, $36/bottle, $9/glass!
With dark florals and full body, this wine takes Orzo Arni, Psito, and the Mousakas by hand and walks them down an entirely new and brighter lane.

Where Anna Will be Seen Outside the Gardens!

1) At Byerl's, Thursday, June 26 @ 6, at Byerly's, June 26 @ 6pm: Kolokithopita Strifti (Twisted Zucchini Pie Macedonian style), Saganaki Cheese, fried or grilled, Fasolakia Yachni (Vegetarian Green Bean Braise)

2) At Toast & Taste in the Gardens, MN Arboretum's 7th 100% fundraiser extravaganza: Wednesday, July 16 @ 6/7pm depending on tickets purchased.

3) At MN Arboretum Grilling in the Gardens series, Flatbreads on the Grill, Sat, Aug 9 @ 11am.