Party tray


8-12 PERSONS $173
18-20 PERSONS $289
38-45 PERSONS $572

Build-your-own Lunches/Dinners for about $13.50 per person include one savory Boughatsa, 1 platter dip with pita, pita crisps or veggies, greek salad, gyros and chicken with tomatoes and onions, pita bread , tzatziki sauce, and one dessert boughatsa. Baklava additional. Tax excluded. Delivery extra.

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Party Trays and Family-Style Catering

The Gardens is proud to offer the very best ingredients--organic, local, pastured, and wild-caught--as available. We use 100% organic sugar and milk, Schultz free-range eggs, Hope Butter, Zweber Farms pastured beef and chicken, Hill & Vale Lamb, Southeast Food Network pork. Most of our greens are purchased at local Farmers' Markets or delivered to our door by local independent growers. Our honey is supplied by Ames Farms, a local, independent producer.

Boughatsas: Savory & Sweet Family-Style Pastries Cut to Accomodate Your Guests!

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Greek Salad (10-20) $34.50
Greek Salad (20-40) $69
Greek Salad (40-60) $103.50
Greek Salad (60-80) $138
Greek Salad (80-100) $172.50
Greek Salad (100-20) $207

Crisp Romaine lettuce, cucumbers, scallions, tomatoes, feta and Calamata olives build to keep the crisp until served. Our raved-about dressing on the side!

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F/S ¼ : (6-12) $24
F/S ½ : (10-24) $36
F/S: (24-48) $68
F/Sd: (60-125) $130

walnuts, filberts, almonds in family-style fillo brushed with Organic Valley butter, organic sugar and Ames Farm orange infused honeyed syrup

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Gyros Meat By the Pound

½ lb (1-4) $8.95
1LB (4-6) $14
5LB (20-30) $70
10LB (40-60) $140

Tender beef and lamb mildly seasoned sliced to order. (contains MSG)
Add $2/lb when ordered with sliced tomatoes and onions. Tzatziki & pita sold separately.
Refrigerated bag of pita bread $2.95 (10 slices)

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Boughatsas Family-Style: Savory & Sweet Large Pastries Cut to Accomodate Your Guests!

¼ (6-10) $19.50
½ (10-20) $27
F/S (18-40) $45.50
F/Sd size (60-125) $106

Select one variety for each Boughatsa Pastry. Savory flavors: Spinach Feta, Feta Ricotta, Pikantiko, Mushroom Kef, Leek Lemon Garlic (vegan), Beef Mushroom Burgundy
Sweet flavors: Chocolate Hazelnut, Lemon Cream, Apricot Cream.
Because we bake to order, please call the day before to ensure availability of your order, or, if we have it available, at least 4 hours before desired pick up time.

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Dips for pita or veggies

small $30 (10-30)
large $54.50 (30-70)
Select two per tray +$5/$10
Add raw veggies $5/$10

Our deli items trayed up for you to take home with soft, grilled pita bread, pita crisps or raw veggies (carrots, red bell peppers, cucumbers): Please select one (or two +$5/8) per tray!
Skordalia (garlic dip),
Tarama (caviar mousse),
Melitzana (pureed eggplant dip),
Tyro (pureed feta dip with a little hotness),
Tzatziki (yogurt cucumber, garlic),
Fava (pureed bean, mild, nutty).

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