Party Trays and Family-Style Catering

The Gardens is proud to offer the very best ingredients--organic, local, pastured, and wild-caught--as available. We use 100% organic sugar and milk, Schultz free-range eggs, Hope Butter, Zweber Farms pastured beef and chicken, Hill & Vale Lamb, Southeast Food Network pork. Most of our greens are purchased at local Farmers' Markets or delivered to our door by local independent growers. Our honey is supplied by Ames Farms, a local, independent producer.

Boughatsas: Savory & Sweet Family-Style Pastries Cut to Accomodate Your Guests!

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9.45 5.45
5.25 ½pt 8.75 pt 12.75 Q
(10-20) $34.50
(20-40) $69
(40-60) $103.50
(60-80) $138
(80-100) $172.50

greek salad with romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, pasteurized domestic feta, calamata olives, house vinaigrette dressing

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naturally local, low fat and gluten free dessert: Greek style rice pudding with organic 2% milk and sugar, flavored with organic lemon peel, dusted with organic cinnamon: low fat!

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