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What better way to ease into a new decade (shhhhhh, we're not sayin' which!) than a Halloween Masquerade at Gardens! Lot's of laughter and fun and a Chocolate Boughatsa light up with sparkles and her family's scripted with the family's wishes!


As Promised at Anna's Hortopita Demo @ the EcoExperience Building Thursday!

Greek Wine Intimidate You?!

Greek wines intimidate you? Get a grip with Easy Wine Flights! Every day a select flight of three 3oz pours for $8. Make up your own flight for $10: add a premium wine (>$42/btl) to your flight: $12!

Our current wine flight? We call it, The Rosie Red: Kleoni dry rose', Tetramythos organic grapes Black of Kalavryta, Boutari Elios full bodied crafted for the U.S.

Get Your Flo On! Ouzo Flo! Three Years Quenching!

Third year world premier, the Gardens' Ouzo Flo! Share a bottle with two scoops of Anna's Organic Ouzo Ice Cream in a frosted glass or treat yourself to the light, not-too-sweet flavor of licorice soda and a single scoop that quenches any thirst! Never cloying!

Mousakas/Mousakka/Musqqa’ah—What’s the Fuss?

A “Traditional Food”, according to the European Parliament means that a food’s ingredients, composition, production or processing can be shown to be transmitted through generations. A food is considered “traditional” if it has been known “since before the Second World War”. (16-03-2006)

And so, a quick check on the history of eggplant and its nutritive value; a look up of regional eggplant recipes from the Balkans, Turkey, the Levant and Southern Europe and a review of several authors’ take on Mousaka and its “origins” and we still have a dish of separately prepared foods—broiled...

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Just Pita

What do beer and bread have in common?—Fermentation by yeast. At least 30,000 years ago “bread” was discovered. Wheat and barley were among the first crops to be domesticated in the Fertile Crescent. Its cultivation was crucial in the transition from paleolithic man (hunter and gatherer) to become neolithic man(farmer).

About 10,000BC, the leavening of bread in Ancient Egypt, who also practiced beer and mead fermentation, was standard. But it was the Greeks who took bread making to the modern era with the development of the self standing, pre-heatable oven with a door. Athenians in...

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That White Sauce--What is TZATZIKI

Spelled variously, Tsatsiki, Satsiki, Tzatzik in Greece, this appetizer sauce which combines at its most common level, yogurt and cucumber, is recognizable in the cuisines of India, Iraq, Iran, Armenia, the Caucasus, Turkey and the Balkans. Cucumbers, a specie of the gourd plant, originating in the foothills of the Himalayans, most likely began its millennial pas de deux with yogurt during the Moghul rule of India by the Persianate Muslims as an attempt to cool down the spicy dishes the natives were making for their overlords. The Indian word for yogurt and vegetables (obstensibly...

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All About Olives

In one variation of Greek Mythology, Athena, goddess of wisdom and war was competing with Poseidon, god of the sea, for the patronage of the growing Attica settlement: Poseidon struck the rock and a spring flowed, but it was salty water. Athena in turn touched the stoney ground and an olive tree grew. The olive tree was judged to be the more useful gift and the city became known as Athens.

The olive, in any case, is one of the oldest cultivars known to man. Originating in Asia Minor as a small shrub, the first indication of the fruit collected for food dates to the 8th millennium...

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