Heerinos me Horta

Pork Shoulder with Greens

For this lovely and light summer dish provided entirely by our friends from the Southeast Food Network, we take fresh shoulder pork, rub it with seasonings, sear and then braise it in freshly squeezed lemon juice, white wine and 100% extra virgin olive oil together with freshly picked Nettle tips and Ramps and Heirloom potatoes.

I'll lick the pan! It's that good!"says Marcie, a patron of the Gardens since its opening. Eleni says, "It's my new life favorite!" FINALLY we got Zoran to try it (he avoids "greens") It's my favorite! I almost fell over. "It's GOOOOOD!", again, and again.

Served with a chunk of Wisconsin cow's milk Feta cheese, we have paired it with the straight-talker rose' Kleoni which may not be our favorite patio tippler, but has become our best food backer!.

This is a: