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Additional Entrees

Paidakia Arni sti Sxara

Fire grilled Lamb Ribblets

Paidakia Arni sti Sxara

Marinated in Petimezi*, garlic, mint and sherry vinegar, these tender shined lamb chops are flame grilled to order, drizzled with Petimezi sauce, sprinkled with fresh herbs and served on cumin scented jasmine rice with a side of paprika and mint yogurt. We paired ours with Furious (dark ale), Roditis, Tetramythos (white) Rodamo, Nemea and Oenodea for a perfect light and tasty meal!

*Petimezi is a traditional sweetener made from the reduction of MUST, the pressed juice of grapes. Often referred to as Grape Molasses


Grass Fed Lamb Gyro


From Hidden Stream Farm, grass-fed lamb roast, belly, shoulder cut, trimmed and dry rubbed, vertically stacked and roasted. Cut to order. Served on open pita w/pile of Greek fries and Mustard Yogurt dip!

This delish calls for a Lake Monster or Finnegans, Klima white or red!

Veggie Mousakas

The Gardens' Classic & First Premier

Veggie Mousakas

Our vegetarian version of possibly the most famous after gyro Greek dish--layers of roasted eggplant (3) covered with a heavier garlic and wine red sauce (2 layers) sprinkled with chunks of feta cheese (pasteurized) and topped with a creamy béchamel sauce--baked to a golden brown.


Braised Organic Cauliflower


One of the most requested additional entrees...a cold crop that gets a bit pricey in July....thanks to the cool season we ordered a case! John, Pamela, Brian, Rene, Christine, Shirley...come and get it! Organic cauliflower braised with onions and diced delicious can simple get??

Served with feta cheese.

We paired it with a spicy red: Chrisohoo Xinomavro, Lafkiotis Agirogitiko, Surly's, Bender. and the herbaceous white, Daphnes by Lyrarakis.


Braised Pork Shank w/Leeks, Celery, Carrots


TC Farm pork shank seared and braised in white wine, simmered with leeks, celery & carrots from Hidden Stream Farm, finished w/Avgolemono! Creamy, tangy and thick w/o added thickness! GF!

Enjoy with a glass of Lafkiotis Nemea, Chrisohoou Ksinomavro, Lyrarakis Red!

Today's Seasonal Starters, Soups & Desserts

Petimezi Marinated Lamb Ribblets

Tender Juicies on the Bone!

Petimezi Marinated Lamb Ribblets

Unbelievable flavor from Petimezi, a traditional "poor" man's sweetner made from grape molasses, sherry vinegar, EVO oil and spices. Grilled to medium rare per order and served minted Greek yogurt dipping sauce.


Traditional Greek Pasta with Forest Mushrooms in wine stock


Another version of Trahana--the homemade pasta kernels made from a mash of wheat and yogurt, rubbed into grains and sun-dried; boiled in our homemade vegetable stock, thickened with dried woodland and portobello mushrooms, seasoned with Chenin blanc, basil & pepper flakes. We recommend a dollop of Greek yogurt...ask your server!


Grilled Haloumi Cheese w/Petmezi Reduction Sauce


Traditional, fresh-cheese of Cyprus fire-grilled and drizzled with GoS Petimezi & Sherry vinegar reduction sauce. GF!


Lamb Meatball Avgolemono


One of our kids' favorites. Thea Tzia would make this for us when we visited in Athens. Nearly a meal in itself: all-natural, pasture-raised seasoned lamb meatballs, simmered in a roasted bone stock with potatoes, carrots and celery. Finished with the classic avgolemono base--eggs beaten with fresh lemon juice added to the hot broth to thicken slightly. Yum!

Ouzo Flo

Ouzo flavored soda & Anna's Organic Ouzo Ice Cream

Ouzo Flo

A Twin Cities debut--maybe a world premier, the Gardens' Ouzo Flo! Share a bottle with two scoops or treat yourself to the light, not-too-sweet flavor of black licorice tempered by cream that quenches any thirst!

At the Gardens


Making family dinner easy/fresh/healthy!

Family Pak: choice of two entrees; two meats; quart of soup or salad; choice of ½ pint deli dip! (Dessert extra!) $55

Family Eats: the...

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GoS Curbside and Take Out!

Thank you for your support! Here at GoS we believe, because of your support, we will be able to offer BOTH curbside as well as walk-up/take-outs!. We have hooded two parking spots for you to park...

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Do You Know Someone Who Needs Assistance?

It's often true that those who need help most, don't ask. At GoS we'd like to make the difference. Why? There are many reasons. 1) Because they need help. 2) Because we care for those in need. 3)...

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We are STILL cooking & creating for our customers! Curbside, Take Out, Delivery!

Tues-Sat 11-8. Last order taken 7:30!

Eklektikon Natural Wines

Natural Wines--Ambers, Oranges, Tawnys and jewel tones--natural yeast ferment, no filtration, nothing added, nothing stripped. Taste the difference!

All natural EKLEKTIKON wine flights 3 x...

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GoS OPENS Today @ 5pm

Due to inclement weather and mindefulness of our staff and patrons, we will open @ 5 today! Keep Safe!

Historic Northeast Minneapolis Food Tour

Discover some of the best eateries in Minneapolis during the Historic Northeast Food Tasting and Cultural Walking Tour. Experience great food bites at six locations. Multiple dates all summer!...

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Since 1991 consistently providing "the BEST! the FRESHEST! the MOST DELICIOUS!" PROUD to bring the best of Hellenic Cuisine to your table. It's GREEK food, NOT Street Food!

Santa & Christmas Carol Dec 5 & Dec 18 @ GoS!

Reservations suggested!

Santa visits and sits from 6pm until all the good little girls and boys have sat!