Symposia. A Series

Arguably one of the best inventions of the ancient Greeks, the Symposia, (from "syn" and "pinein" literally "to drink together") involved drawn-out drinking and dining with entertainment and intellectual discussion. Relive this tradition at the Gardens of Salonica every third Wednesday of the month. Seating is limited. RSVP only to

Symposia. A Series, XLIV, WITH CHEF d'CUISINE, Scott Pampuch

Join us Wed, October 21 @ 6pm for our 44th Symposium with GuestPresenter, Scott Pampuch!
Over the last 15 years, Chef d’Cuisine Scott Pampuch has been in the forefront of moving the MSP cuisine-scape forward: we are no longer a fly-over country. Having worked in such diverse areas as farm-to-table supply chain efficiency, sustainable farming and restaurant practices, education and nutrition, menu design and delivery, and emcee of extravaganzas, diners have seen the many sides of Pampuch. With a dash of wit and a sprinkling of humor, Scott will present the last 10 years of the cuisine scene in the upper Midwest—the rise of star chefs, the reappearance of heirloom and exotic produce and game, the status of family farms, agricultural activism, social media and its effect on diners—for a savory and saucy evening!

Symposia. A Series, XLIII, The Golden Rule with Tom Westbrook!

Kids back to school? Then it's time for you to brush up on your Golden Rule!
Reservations only please! Bring a drawing compass and put order to your unruly impulses!

Symposia. A Series, XLII, with Gardens' Staff Talent Show!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015 - 6:00am