Symposia. A Series

Arguably one of the best inventions of the ancient Greeks, the Symposia, (from "syn" and "pinein" literally "to drink together") involved drawn-out drinking and dining with entertainment and intellectual discussion. Relive this tradition at the Gardens of Salonica every third Wednesday of the month. Seating is limited. RSVP only to

Symposia. A Series, XL, with GuestPresenter, Sally Ashton, Former Poet Laureate of Santa Clara Cty

Pascha, A Greek Easter, with whole spit lamb, and the delicacies of a traditional Greek Easter.

`Symposia. A Series, 39! With GuestPresenters the Marks Brothers!

With a surprise appearance by Accordion Master, Dan Turpening!

Why Symposia?

Why does the Gardens sponsor monthly a four-course, family-style, chef-driven, wine-paired dinner with a GuestPresenter?
Call it, Kitchen Lab. Call it, forced creativity. Call it, a stressy mind-bender that makes the kitchen staff think and solve in new ways, aerates our sluggished brains, and provides new dishes for the Gardens that, over the past three years, have become Gardens' faves.