Tour Reunion Dinner: Success!

Was it already two nights ago! Katrina and Fred hosted a fabulous reunion on their island home below the Mississippi bluffs in Cottage Grove. Everyone and their spouses/siblings came.
At some point the food came out: Katrina's Taramosalata, my Xoriatiki Fava with the peas lugged from Santorini at 8 euros for a half pound: do the math--some of the most expensive beans you'll ever eat! Beautifully marinated olives and feta. Then Fred expertly grilled the braised octopus as per my detailed directions complete with hand gestures: psst, then (hand flips) psst: mark 'em and they're done. Santa Tom loved them! I never even saw them. Gone before I made it out to the deck! Dinner was an assortment of the contributions that everyone brought: skewered chicken, shrimp, pork tenderloin, all grilled to perfection by Fred. The sides were my attempt to re-create some of the favorite and fabulous food we discovered on our perambulations and serendipitous findings (pictured with Lazaros: from bottom left, counter clock-wise) Anginaropita (fresh artichoke pita), Maranthokeftedes (fennel croquettes), Briam and feta cheese. Not pictured, the bulgar and feta stuffed zucchini blossoms. Personally, I think I need another recipe. Bulgar just doesn't cut it for me with the blossoms. I want something sharper. The addition of feta helped. As I was stuffing those blossoms, I couldn't justify the effort with the result...I was thinking of a piping tube with ricotta and feta heated with cumin and time...the blossoms will be here for a while. Kathleen and Diane provided everyone with all the Santorini and Moshofillero wine we desired! Dessert? The pistachio ice cream was a hit. Lazaros is looking for an ice cream machine. Peter from Albert's Organics has done all the fans of the Gardens of Salonica a huge favor by his over-supply of cream....look for the ice cream coming soon. The other hit, Masticha Mousse. Not satisfied with the creamy whiteness of the molded dream, I topped it with the "Musta" of organic Minnesotan Concord grapes. The deep purple of the sauce was the perfect counter to the unique zing of Mastic