Mezethes/Krasi/Horos Donation for Milkweed Editions

On Tuesday, the Gardens hosted Jim & John's purchased donation package: Mezethes/Krasi/Horos benefiting Milkweed Publications. What is Mezethes? Krasi? Horos? Mezethes is the plural of Meze: an appetizer traditionally served

on smallish plates for all to share at the table. Really, all I ever want to eat in Greece is the endless parade of brined, grilled, vinaigretted, skewered teasers that are more satisfying than rich entrees that leave me unable to move, let alone dance. So, Mezethes are plates of appetizers or smallish portions of food. What did Jim & John's guests dine on? Kolokithopita: little fillo pastries stuffed with savory orange squash, Calamari Tiganita w/Skordalia, the garlic sauce and Saganaki, yes, flambeed. That was the first course. Second course: Yigandes!, (now you know what that is), Souzoukakia and Dolmades: stuffed grape leaves. Third course, Horiatiki salata (sans lettuce and w/giant capers) Pastitsio and Gyros w/Tzatziki. What is Krasi? Wine. Need I say more? The Greeks were among the first vintners and certainly the first to celebrate their libations with festivals, theater, poetry and dance. We paired 7 wines with the 4 courses: a retsina, 2 whites, a rose, 2 reds, and a sweet Muscat, Samos. The dump buckets were nearly empty at the end. That leaves "Horos" Dance! And did we ever. Between each course, the guests were taught successively easier dances (remember, they were trying all those wines...and were liking them!: Kalamatiano, Tsamiko, Serviko. A final surprise with the dessert course (#4) an assortment of pastries and truffles w/Greek coffee? Katrina, who had traveled w/me on my tour to Greece had stopped by for dinner w/her husband, Fred. I asked her if she would demo Tsifteteli with me (a few people had asked if "all Greek dances are line dances?", and OF COURSE, she agreed (Kat was regaling us with spontaneous moves all through Santorini) So, there we were, a frigid January night, belly dancing. And yes, we got most of the guests up to try their hips at it! ;)

This magic carpet ride is available for up to 24 people at $60/pp. The menu is negotiable. The wine paired. The you see fit!