Manites tis Kritis: Mushroom Medley Fire Finished, Cretan style


A man called the Gardens the other day and asked with incredulity, "what was that mushroom app that I ate last night? I think that was the BEST thing I've eaten in my LIFE." We're just passing it along--some amazing flavors, hen-of-the-woods or Maitaki mushrooms oven roasted and finished under the fire grill with EVO, white wine, lemon, fresh rosemary and feta.

Also known as Maitake mushrooms these King of Mushrooms have a dense meaty texture and a standout robust flavor that lasts and lasts on the palette. We have taken these woodland beauties and grilled them Cretan style in ladolemono (olive oil and lemon juice beaten together with herbs) and white wine. Try them with the Greek aperitif of choice, Kourtaki retsina. Wow!