An Oven-Braise of Garden Vegetables

No ones kidding anyone: these veggies aren't local, they've been trucked in by our twenty year conventional grocer supplier, Twin Cities Produce, who supply Lunds/Byerly's and Cub Food Stores. But independent and local, our friend Tony R and his family have been attending our children's graduations and events for nearly as long. In from California, Texas and Florida, then, tender first growth zucchini, eggplant, cold storage heirloom potatoes from Southeast Food Network, and red bells roasted with our own dried, yes, local AND organic herbs, mint, basil, and chili peppers for a delectably rich and satisfying meal.

Served with a chunk of Wisconsin cow's milk feta cheese.

Vegan option, please ask for a garnish of Calamata olives.

We have paired this with Furious, now on tap, Tetramythos Roditis (White) or Lafkiotis Nemea (red) You choose.

This is a: