Anna's Cooking Class at the Kitchen Window

Tarama with pita point: caviar mousse on toasted pita

Melitzana on the Shell: whole roasted eggplant spit and mashed with lemon, garlic and olive oil.

Boughatsa Tyro: blend of three Greek cheeses layered in fillo, brushed with olive oil and baked

Lamb with Artichoke Hearts Avgolemono: (Anna's favorite dish in the world), lamb shanks braised in olive oil and white wine, simmered with fresh organic artichoke hearts and finished with the classic Greek lemon sauce made of beaten eggs and fresh lemon juice added to hot pan juices.

Baklavas Strifti: a Macedonian style of baklavas, nuts rolled in fillo, coiled, baked and drizzled with honeyed syrup.

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